A President Visits

What to get a Queen who has everything? Something bigly. Take a look and see.


Nothing to market or promote this week. In honour of our dual heritage, just a short video for Remembrance Sunday (UK) and Memorial Day (USA). Never forget.

The Birth Of A Product

So, you want to add a new product line to your brand? What could be easier? Nothing to it.

The Jacket As Art

Creativity knows no bounds. Mellow…, warm…, cool … plus Mickey and Minnie. The Qiviut Jacket as you have never seen it.

Silent Movie – Part 2

How will it end? Will qiviut products get designed? Will they get tested? And what about photography, packaging and marketing (oh my)? See the conclusion to this cliffhanger.

Silent Movie

Gadzooks!! Will Our Hero succeed in making the journey from fibre to fabric? Will anyone get tied to the railroad tracks? And what about Cooper? They don’t make ’em like …

The Getting of the Fibre

For musk ox fibre there is no established supply market for it, warehouses full of it or middlemen to market it. See how it is sourced in Greenland.

Fun Facts

Some things you may not know about the Arctic’s most remarkable animal.

What Rhymes With Orange?

“Moon” and “June”. “Love” and “Dove”. Nothing so trite. It’s the musk ox take on rhymery to announce our January event.