A QIVIUT & CO Product – How Is It Made?

What does it take to go from raw fibre straight from the animal to a luxury finished product?

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  1. I thank you for the insight. That is very interesting. Years ago I had an old English sheepdog. And there was a company nearby that had a big big automatic carder. They started combing the hair of the dog but then stoped because the undercoat was so fine …hair was everywhere it just did not work. So I guess this must have been the case with qiviut just on an even extreme finer level.

    Not easy …thanks for the effort.

    1. Angela,

      That was part of the problem but also the tension on the spinning and knitting machinery had to be altered so that it takes much longer to run the same amount of qiviut compared to other fibres. The longer the machine time means the more costly it is to do. However, the more we work with the artisan mills we have now vetted, the more efficient the process becomes.

      Thank you for your comment.

      QIVIUT &CO

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