First there was cashmere

Then there was Vicuña

Now there is Qiviut

Most new luxury fashion brands are about translating the vision of a founding designer into finished goods using existing components (fabrics, buttons, zips, etc.) in a different way.

The sourcing process most often begins by attending trade markets or visiting mills and show rooms to deal with manufacturers of fabric and trim who can typically provide those components in quantity utilising a well established buyer-seller paradigm.




Wild. Prehistoric survivor of the Ice Age. Full-time arctic inhabitant.

Able to endure the harshest conditions known to man because of its unique body hair.

Found only in numbers in Alaska, Siberia, Greenland and Canada.

Prized for its ultra-soft, downy under fibre: qiviut (“KIV-ee-ute”).

Used by subsistence natives for millennia. Introduced to the luxury rest of the world now.

Fewer than 125,000
on the planet.

A new fashion category

QIVIUT & CO is not so much a new luxury fashion brand as it is the developer of an entirely new fashion category pioneering the use of a never before commercialised natural fibre all the way from the source animal through to finished goods.

Think of cashmere two centuries ago.
Only used by herders.
Unknown to the world at large.
Difficult to acquire and work with.
Superior thermal performance and hand feel.
Expensive. Suitable for only the finest garments.

This is qiviut today. Inspired by two decades observing usage in Alaska and a desire to do something never done before. Working with world class artisans in one of the world’s fashion capitals. Mandated by scarcity to manufacture only for the few.

Unparalleled Exclusivity,
warmth and feel

It is rare that a truly unique development occurs in the fashion world.

QIVIUT & CO offers a few select individuals the opportunity to experience the emergence of a new luxury category for themselves.

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