The Getting of the Fibre

For musk ox fibre there is no established supply market for it, warehouses full of it or middlemen to market it. See how it is sourced in Greenland.

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  1. As a hand spinner, qiviut is my absolute favorite fiber. It has spoiled me for spinning almost any other – maybe Samoyed dog undercoat is close.

    1. Many thanks for your comment, Anne. I have seen spinning done by hand and it is quite the talent. (I failed miserably when attempting.) All of our spinning is done on machines which, in many ways, is even more difficult because of the fineness of qiviut fibre, even for mills used to working with cashmere.

      I am not familiar with Samoyeds’ undercoat but agree that it must be similar because, based on my experience in Alaska, they also thrive in the cold.

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