The Qiviut Jacket – How Is It Critiqued?

Our founder’s severest critic gives her fashionista take on our flagship product.

4 Replies to “The Qiviut Jacket – How Is It Critiqued?”

  1. What a nice couple! I have an idea , as your wife says it is the fitting. What about making a different style as well. I have lipoedema and so these straight cut coats never fit. Either on the shoulder or on the hips. An „ A“ cut coat would be good for a lot of women believe me.

    This is a idea … do with it what you want

    Loving greetings

    1. Angela,

      Many thanks for your comment and your kind words about our founder and his wife. Developing a line of qiviut clothing for women is definitely on our list. Look for a tailored version of The Qiviut Jacket and similar cut Qiviut Gilet next season.

      QIVIUT & CO

    1. Angela,

      Many thanks for your continued kind words about our videos and brand. And we can reaffirm our commitment to develop a women’s line of qiviut clothing in the near future.

      QIVIUT & CO

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